Summer Adventures 2021: #5

Another week of summer gone. Holy cow has it gone by fast. Don't tell me that August is almost here...I'm not ready to hear it. But we have to make the most of each day, because the time I get with these kiddos won't happen again until next summer! The kids were signed up for a camp during the mornings but our afternoons were wide open for some adventure fun.

From Monday to Thursday last week they went to Barkhausen camp in the morning and loved it! Barkhausen is a nature preserve in the Green Bay park system and the things they did day in and day out were so cool. The kids were able to decorate their own walking sticks, went on long hikes, went on treasure hunts, waded through water to find clues, dug up and played in the mud, captured caterpillars, learned basic survival skills, made a fire with flint/steel, did an outdoor obstacle course, used a bow and arrow, and played in the pond. There were so many cool outdoor things they did and they could not stop talking about it each time I picked them up. They also were the most banged up after any camp. Both Liv and Sam had about 50 mosquito bites between them. Sam scraped his knee on the obstacle course. Liv had blisters on her feet. But they kept going back and were super excited to be adventurous.

One of the afternoons last week Liv had a play date and Sam wanted to practice his casting. We didn't have enough time to get out to a body of water, so we had to improvise. We didn't catch anything but we will be talking to the DNR soon about stocking options.

And of course last week was the fantastic finale of the NBA Finals. The kids were so excited to watch the Bucks play and we let them stay up as late as we could so that they could watch Game 6. They did not want to go to bed and the first words out of their mouth was, "Did we win?!". Yes we did!


One of the cool gifts Sam got at the end of the year from his teacher was a bowling card that allowed kids to get 2 free bowling games a day for the summer. So we had to take advantage of that! If interested, the website is: We signed up in a couple of minutes and were emailed the free bowling coupons. The kids had a blast, especially when they saw it was cosmic bowling!

And finally, toward the end of a busy week, we took Friday to just chill at home. Sometimes you just know your kids need a home day. We still had lots of fun and the kids really get into their imagination games...

We finished the week with the Packer Fun Run Friday night! The kids were super excited to run, especially when we told them they would get to be inside Lambeau Field!

 Off to another fantastic week!

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