Summer Adventures 2021: #6

Every year, we look forward to our Jellystone Campground trip and this year did not disappoint! The last few days we stayed at Jellystone Campground in Door County. The last couple of years we have decided to splurge for a cabin and this time was no different. We are are always so happy that we booked it. It is nice to have a little place to call home while you are exploring!

We were able to get up mid-afternoon on Sunday and immediately headed for the pool and mini-golf. Out of all the things we had on our wish list, these are always the two the kids look forward to the most. Without them, the trip would not have been a success!  Third, but very close to the first two, was starting a fire. I still remember a few years ago when we tried to start a fire and just sit around it and the kids wanted nothing to do with it. By the time we had got the fire started, they were bored and wanted to do something else. Now the kids love the fire. Maybe because we let them light their "torches" (as you can see Sam blowing his out)...

This picture is just us.


After dinner we still had an hour or so and Crystal and I wanted to do something before bed. We wavered a bit on whether we should just crash for the night or fi we should push for a little adventure. This is something that I have learned to embrace over the last 2 years and that is to just do it. Sometimes we have the opportunity to do something or go somewhere and we decide to just stay put because it is just easier or we are tired or it will be too late for the kids. I am all about making memories and the best memories are made with spontaneous plans! We ventured out to Haines Beach which is close by the campground for some sunset beach time. And the pictures did not disappoint.

The next day, we had quite the plans. We were planning on traversing most of the west side of Door County. We do love Jellystone, but it is not the greatest launching point for a lot of Door County Favorites. It sits below Sturgeon Bay, so to go anywhere farther up is a good hour. But this did not stop us!

Our first stop we decided to take the kids up to Door County Bluff State Park. I have talked about this view before but the kids have never seen it. It is by Gill's Rock, near the northern tip of Door County. And I don't think the view disappointed them...

As we ventured back down, we had to stop at a mini-golf favorite in the Red Putter. Dad's favorite part of the golf course is that it is less than $3 per kid to golf and less than $7 for adults. Cheap Door County mini-golf and a pretty good golf course to boot. 

And the main stop of the day was Egg Harbor Public Beach. This is a beautiful beach in Door County. Lots of room, very clean, and great sand. We got in around 3:30pm just as the morning crowd was leaving so there was plenty of room. It was awesome! We built sand castles, buried Liv in the sand, went paddle boarding with both the kids. Beach time is the best time.

On our way back from the beach we stopped at Sonny's for some food. We picked up the food to-go and ate under a pavilion by the water. Great food with a great view. We did have to wait for the food a little bit and some of use started to get a little stir crazy...

Oh and you can't end a vacation without ice cream. Or in this case frozen yogurt. The Spoon in Sturgeon Bay has lots of choices of frozen yogurt and even more choices of toppings! Not sure what was going on here, but the picture makes me laugh.

Until next time!

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