Summer Adventures 2021: #4

After a pretty busy last couple of weeks, we finally settled in to a little bit of normalcy with our schedule. While vacation was nice, it can feel a little hectic when you are in the packing up, cleaning up, what day is it again? phase. It was nice to be able to wake up in our own beds and start the days a little bit slower. Although Mom probably wasn't as happy since she had to go back to work...but the kids loved being lazy for a little bit.

But we still got out and had some adventures!

One of the first things that kids wanted to do was go to the zoo! We have been there a number of times before but we always can spend a good hour or two here. And, it's always fun to pack a lunch and have a picnic! Our favorite thing by far was the baby monkey! In the Japanese Macaque section, there was a mom and her baby, and I mean a baby, the thing would fit in the palm of your hand. Definitely worth going if they are out and about!

While we visited the zoo in the morning, we brought our clubs to the driving range at Duck Creek. One of the awesome things that has been happening this summer is the kids' willingness to try new sports and actually stick with them. Both of them have loved to get out on the range and hit some balls, which is better than creating tons of divots in our yard...


One day we wanted to check off another activity, we were planning on going to Sir Bounce A Lot's but unfortunately as we arrived, we saw that it had closed down for good. So, we had to make a quick pivot, and offer the trampoline park down the road at Get Air. Kids had a blast.

Another one of those sports that both tried this year was baseball/softball. Sam had played T-ball a couple of years ago but didn't really remember it all too well. This was the first time he was out there multiple times a week and he really showed some great progression through the summer! We are so excited to watch him grow up and continue to play!

And finally this past weekend, we went out to our favorite little lake, Lily Lake. We brought my parents, paddleboards, and the fishing poles. We had thought that the kids would want to paddleboard with us and show Nana/Papa how they worked but we did not anticipate the excitement they would have at casting their lines into the water. The kids spent about 45 minutes just casting into the lake. They had some lures on but no live bait. The fish were interested but no bites. But wow, they didn't want to leave. It is exciting to see them so engaged with new activities and new things for us to do throughout the summer!

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