Summer 2021 Adventures Week 2

What a week it was! This week was dominated by our first camping trip and a day trip to the trampoline park. It was a little bit more of a busy week for dad as I work summer school during the morning, which cuts some of our adventure time a little bit short.

But nonetheless, Monday afternoon we made it out to the Xtreme Air Trampoline Park in Appleton. We have been to this park many times before and usually only pay for an hour. By that time they have had the ability to hit everything at least once or twice. We played a little basketball, a little gladiator, did some obstacle courses and then we tried something new. They have a pretty nice climbing wall with about 10 rope lanes of different degrees of difficulty and I asked if the kids wanted to try it. They both did and they had a great time. Liv almost made it to the top! Both of the kids were a little nervous to start but tackled it head on. I wish there was a closer climbing gym to our house!



The rest of our week was spent camping at Harbour Village in Door County. This is the perfect park for kids. They have jump pads, a water park, a man-made lake, a fishing lake, mini golf, some hiking trails, loads of vehicles for kids to rent and on the weekends they usually have different themes with craft hours and nightly wagon rides. We have found though that it is a bit more enjoyable when we can sneak away during the middle of the week when the crowds are less and the pool isn't quite as full.

 The first thing we always have to do is to hit the pool. The pool there is quite nice. They have a small kiddie pool with a small slide and then they have a larger pool that has two big water slides. Liv went down the water slide for the first time and had a blast! We spent the rest of our first day playing some mini golf, launching each other on the jump pad, and eating by the camp fire.


  At night we headed out to eat at Shipwrecked in Egg Harbor, one of the kid's favorite places to eat. This was the first time we had been in a restaurant in over a year and the kids definitely forgot what it means to sit and wait for your food, instead of having mom or dad pick it up and deliver it. Just look at the hangry face.
However, almost immediately after, they both perked up and we headed to the beach to watch the sunset and boy was it beautiful.

 The next morning we headed to The Farm. This is a must stop if you have kids. A real working farm that has a TON of animals for kids to see and interact with. Every kid gets a small bottle of milk that they can feed the baby goats .You can buy corn to feed goats, sheep, and the cows. There are little baby kittens running around to catch. You can sit and watch hopefully for a baby chick to hatch.

Or, if you are lucky,  you might see a family or racoons on your daily nature hike.


Overall it was such a wonderful week. Can't wait for the next one!

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