Summer Adventures 2021: Week 3

This last week was a little bit different from the others. Liv was at GLAD Camp all last week at St. Norbert's University so Sam and I got to spend some awesome one on one time with each other. Sam is very much a home body so this was perfect for him. He could decide exactly what he wanted to do and a lot of times that means playing a board game or sitting on his bedroom floor playing dinosaurs or legos, which is perfectly fine with me. But, I can usually convince him to get out for a couple of adventures!

Our first adventure was to take Sam paddleboarding for the first time! He was so excited to go and very brave. He has been on the paddleboard near shore but never out in the middle of a lake. He helped me get all the gear together and inflate the board and then we were off. The first couple of strokes he was a little unsure but once we started going, he loved it. We paddled to the other side of the lake and back (not a big lake - Lily Lake). We stopped at several patches of lily pads and found all kinds of dragonflies, fish, and flowers. He was a champ!


One of our other major goals for this week/summer is for Sam to be super comfortable riding his bike. He just started riding his bike last summer but just wasn't confident yet. We didn't want to push it so we let it go, but this summer he was ready and wanting to go on the bike. Unfortunately, he has way outgrown his little tike bike from last year so he is practicing on his sister's bike, which I think might also be getting too small. We told him once he is confident and can do it all on his own, he can go get a bike for himself. He is doing a great job!


And once little Liv got home from her camp, we had to check on the progress with the pool and there was a lot of progress last week. They finished plastering and we were told we could finally fill it up. And the kids explored the pool no matter how much water was in there. Now, keep in mind, that nothing is hooked up at this point last week so this is just cold hose water in a concrete tub. And it was nowhere near 70 degrees, and at many times it was raining. But that didn't stop them from getting out there. And we were so happy to see them enjoy it. Mom and Dad will be waiting for some 80 plus weather and the heater to kick on before getting in...


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