Beautiful Warrior Story: Lori Buss Cathey

Her smile.

beautiful warrior

In March of 2021, I had the chance to meet Lori Cathey, one of Hope’s beautiful warriors! WE got to spoil her with a shopping spree. As we started talking and got to know each other, we found multiple connections. I learned that Lori did St. Baldrick's multiple years in a row and supported The Brittany Cayemberg Foundation, one of the Cancer charities Hope supports thru every purchase in our shop. She did this long before she ever knew she would be battling Cancer herself. 

I learned Lori is battling a very rare cancer and her strength, resilience and attitude were so refreshing. I mean look at her- she radiates beauty. I’ve said it before, Hope is so much more than clothes.


It’s what it’s all about.

Please, take a moment to send Lori some positive thoughts or prayers (if you’re the praying kind). She’s such a Beautiful Warrior. Lori- even if you don’t know us personally, read these comments and know you are an inspiration and you have a community cheering you on.

*For those that don’t know, with every purchase you make, Hope donates $1 to our Beautiful Warrior program. Each month, we give a women battling Cancer a shopping spree on us! If you’d like to nominate a warrior- please message me their story.🤍

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