Beautiful Warrior Program

When I was little, my hero didn’t wear a cape or take the form of any fictitious character. Instead, my hero came in the form of my cousin, DaNelle Hocking, whom I’ve admired and looked up to from a young age. She’s my cousin by formality but my sister by choice.💕

Some of you may know, but DaNelle  had to be a warrior for several years. 

She’s was the ying to my yang. Where I am cautious, she was risky. When I am reserved, she was bold. In many ways, we were very different but we shared a BIG dream together. 💫A lot of you know that after her first bone marrow transplant, she had a wild idea of starting her own business and Hope Clothing is the result of that dream. From day one, we’ve linked arms and poured our hearts into this . Many of you have supported both Hope Clothing and gotten to know me as well.

We dreamed of owning a shop that sold affordable clothes that helped EVERY women feel confident. It was our passion. We dreamed big, crazy dreams from day one and kept building on those dreams. Our Hope was to introduce you to unique clothes...more of our favorite beauty and household items...even of our own space. There were so many big visions we talked about. We opened Hope while DaNelle was in remission from her battle with cancer in 2018.

In still hurts me to write it but DaNelle passed away in November 2019 to Cancer.

Since that day, I’ve put my blood, sweat and every effort into making sure our Dream continues on. Every day, I wake up and am so beyond grateful for what Hope has become. We’ve grown. We’ve given back to others battling. And most importantly, we’ve created a community that supports each other.  Hope has grown so much from that initial dream.

▫️This isn’t just a shop. It’s so much more and I know DaNelle is proud of what we've built and how we are helping lift women up, feel confident and give back to our community.

Every time you purchase an item from my store, I donate one dollar to our very own Beautiful Warrior Program (in addition to other charities we support). This program gives local women battling Cancer a shopping spree at Hope clothing to help her feel beautiful while she's fighting this horrible disease.

You see, this cause is so near and dear to my heart and I feel so strongly about giving back in the biggest ways we can. Since the program started, we've invited over 30 women into the shop, each of them getting to bring home over $200 worth of clothing. I wish you could all enjoy the smiles and comfort they show in their short trip to the shop - taking away their worries even for a little bit - and bringing out the beauty that's inside them!  

Hope's Beautiful Warrior Program is one of the most touching things about being the owner of Hope clothing and I couldn't do it without all of you. 

Thank you for supporting Hope Clothing and being a part of this amazing effort to help local women battling Cancer.

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