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KickAsh Granola (Multiple Flavors)


Handmade granola made in Door County, WI by Kick Ash Coffee! All 16oz

Dark Chocolate Cherry:

Door County cherries and
dark chocolate combine to
make an incredibly satisfying
treat. This granola is our only
nut free granola.



A beautiful, crunchy, no
grain granola packed with
nuts and seeds. A grain free
power snack!


Dark Chocolate Seasale:

Our Maple Pecan Granola
carefully hand-drizzled with
dark chocolate and sprinkled
with sea salt. Indulgent and


Blueberry Chia:

Wild blueberries create
just the right amount of
sweetness and chia seeds
add a great superfood
quality to this tasty granola.


Maple Pecan:

Our original granola with
gluten free oats, pecans,
coconut chips, organic virgin
coconut oil and sweetened
with Wisconsin maple syrup.


Cherry Almond:

Door County cherries pair
with nutritious almonds in
this top selling granola.


Subscriptions are charged the first of every month and Crystal will contact you when you can pickup (usually in the first week of each month).


Only 2 pieces in stock!

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