Beautiful Warrior Story: Micki Klemencic

This blog post is part of an ongoing series that highlights Hope Clothing GB’s Beautiful Warrior Program. Micki Klemencic was nominated and took part in a shopping spree because of all of you. The following is Micki Klemencic's story in her own words:

I started out as a wife 28 years ago, then I became a mom of three children. They are all grown now. Riley, my oldest, is a chef in Kansas City. My son Rutger is a carpenter with Drury Designs in Green Bay and my daughter Autumn is a junior at UW-Milwaukee. 

This past September (2021), I became a fighter. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast where they found a large mass and cancer in one, so far, of my lymph nodes. I am stage 2b grade 3 her2 triple positive Ln1. 

This isn't the first time I had to go up against something health wise where I had to come out as a warrior. I received an emergency ostomy bag in 2018 when my bowel abruptly ruptured one weekend while I was in Minneapolis. I sucked up all the pain I was in and drove myself back to Green Bay directly to the hospital. After being diagnosed by the ER doctor I quickly found out I had become septic walking around the last two days. And here I thought I was just passing a kidney stone. I decided then and there I was going to be positive and not look back and take this head one. 

Three months later I had the ostomy reversed and could live a semi normal life again. Now, it's cancer's turn for me to take head on and kick its ass. I am a warrior once again! This time I am a Pink WARRIOR and I hope to help others with their journey during my fight and thereafter.

I thank you for the thoughtfulness and the beautiful clothes I was able to pick out and for feeling spoiled.