Happy Anniversary!

So, as some of you may know from various social media outlets, Crystal and I just celebrated our 9th anniversary. It certainly is one of those things that you look back on and try to grasp that it has already been nine years. They seriously have gone by so fast. And I can't imagine what we will be thinking when it is 15, 20, 25, 30 years and more.

We usually don't go too crazy for our anniversary and this year was no different. We grabbed some Panera to go and headed to the Green Bay Botanical Gardens. We ate Panera on the curb on the garden parking lot. And then proceeded to head inside. We have been going to the gardens for many years and one of our favorite things to do has been to bring our books, find a nice quiet bench, and just read together. It is a wonderful way to find peace and be with each other at the same time.

We began to walk and of course, the skies grew dark. We walked a little quicker and after some short deliberations decided that it was best to move on and not linger for the rain was coming. After the gardens we went to Barnes and Noble because someone needed to have some coffee and we thought about reading there, but the winds were picking up and the clouds were rolling in, and we were worried whether our kids would get scared with the storm (our daughter especially). So we ended up grabbing the coffee to go and headed back to pick up our kids.

This date night sums up the strength of a marriage in so many ways. Many times we set expectations and we have goals and aspirations and yet there always seems to be something in the way. We just wanted 15 minutes to read together and yet it didn't happen. In life and marriage we have to be flexible and willing to bend with the moments. And sometimes that is really hard and it takes a bit to get there. But at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you get to spend time together with the person you love.  And it really doesn't matter what you are doing because it is who you are doing it with. And I wouldn't want to live life with none other than Crystal.

And she absolutely is the best. Some days I sit back and wonder how she has the mental ability to do everything. She wakes up way before me every morning and heads downstairs to do one or maybe two workouts if she can fit them in. Then, she is upstairs to get ready and help get the kids ready because the kids are never up early enough for me to help get them ready before I need to leave for work. She goes to her day job, where she is a leader who inspires others to creatively solve problems in healthcare. The work is hard but I know deep down she thrives on the challenges and fills with pride knowing that her role can bring impactful change to people in our community. She comes home and is a wonderful mom to our two crazy kids. And finally, after the kids (eventually) go to sleep, she heads back downstairs to work on her side hustle and pours her entire soul into helping women feel beautiful. And maybe, hopefully, she can squeeze in 15 minutes of reading at night. Crystal knows only one gear, and goes at only one speed, and that is what makes her such an amazing person and successful person. And someone I admire very much.

She is a kind, authentic, incredible, Superwoman role model for our children. I wouldn't want to go through this life without anyone else by my side.




Happy Anniversary. Love this. Congrats

Tara Steinhorst June 02, 2021

Amazing blog, Dan!! You two are very blessed to have each other! I’m thinking Crystal could write a pretty great blog about you as well! Happy Anniversary, Dan & Crystal!

Kris Hucek June 02, 2021

I think that your relationship with your family snd others is so beautiful. In a throw a way world I love the way you share and grow. Thanks for being an amazing example for me and my family. 👣🎉💥😎

Lilli Wright June 02, 2021

I may hurt him for using that last picture!!! It was a, “hey, take a picture because I want to see if these shoes look okay” picture🤦🏼‍♀️

Crystal Albrent June 02, 2021

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